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[1] Whats BloodLust?

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[1] Whats BloodLust? Empty [1] Whats BloodLust?

Post by zmaster1985 on Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:55 pm

BloodLust is a AION Assault on Balaurea®️ Legion (or clan... as you prefer)... Our objectives are pretty much to have fun in-game as a group united and help each other in "what is possible" "WHEN is possible"!

We are a PvPvE Legion (Not hardcore PvP)... of course we also assist in Sieges and do PvP activity's like rifting, Abyss Legion Raids, etc.
We would like to keep instance runs inside the legion but as we all know that's not always possible, sometimes we do mixed groups with "outsiders" for optimal group results.

BloodLust is an "International" English speaking Legion... using Team Speak 3 as a tool...
I encourage you all of using our TS3 Server... besides of improving the sociability of the legion, its a great tool in a Siege/Boss Hunt/Abyss Raid/Instance Run...

As the Brigadier of BloodLust i welcome you all... and remember...
Have fun, that's why we all here for! What a Face

Regards, Z

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